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for Parents/Guardians
Join one of our courses, to become equipped with the knowledge and confidence to talk to your children about friendships & relationships, sexuality & bodies, feelings & communication.

Will you be the one who introduces these topics into their lives or will they learn from their peers in the school yard or from social media and their phones?

for Children - THRIVING TWEENS

for Parents/Guardians - THRIVING TOGETHER
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Online Mentoring

Are you an adult who needs support in how to talk with your child or the children that you work with, about friendships, relationships & sexuality? You are not alone. Many adults find this a tricky area of conversation, as it was not an area of education that they received much guidance in themselves. Book a call to begin the conversations.
Together we can create a parenting strategy that will work for your family, moving you more towards open healthy conversations with your child.
Online Mentoring

Face-to-Face Programmes

Youth & Children
Delivering face to face workshops with post primary schools and youth training centres in Ireland.
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Thriving Together - Publish date currently January 2022

My Book

21st Century parenting requires us to nurture our children's emotional intelligence

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