RSE for Thriving Tweens

Thriving Tweens: A Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) e-learning resource for curious children aged 11 to 13 years in Ireland

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Helping to make the transition to adolescent less stressful.

Our children's Relationships and Sexuality Education e-learning programme THRIVING TWEENS launched this week here in Ireland. It is innovative and creative, using puppetry and e-learning to create a fun, educational experience for the children.

It is for curious children aged 11 to 13, to help prepare the children for the secondary school transition into adolescent friendships and relationships.

If your tween has a smartphone or access to internet connected tech in the home, then they need to be plugged into a Relationships and Sexuality Education course asap!

The internet was never supposed to the place where children would learn their sex and relationship education. Isn't it better if this learning comes from their parents and guardians, teachers and the adult care givers in their lives? Now is the time to talk

I fundamentally believe that preventative and educative work is really important, so that we can ensure that our children and young people are adequately prepared for young adulthood.

What do I get?

  • Bite size manageable video content
  • 37 video lessons - 180 minutes of tuition
  • All videos fully subtitled, increasing accessibility
  • Downloadable and printable course workbook for the children
  • Completely child safe platform, interactivity is not included

(Child Safety Statement can be read HERE)

Who is it for?

It can accessed for the children in two ways.

1. Their parents/guardians choose to get the course for the children and manage their access from the home.

2. It is an ideal compliment to a primary school teachers existing Relationships and Sexuality Education (SPHE) programme delivery.

It supports the curriculum strands in the following ways:

✅ Myself - Self-identity, personal values, body awareness, puberty, boundaries and safety

✅ Myself and others - Relationships with family and friends, feelings and communication skills

✅ Myself and the wider world - Socialisation and community, media literacy and advertising, critical thinking skills

Tell me more about the creative process

  • We used a VMix call to record all the videos remotely, green screen essential.
  • The puppeteer Thomas Baker was in Co. Galway and myself Jenny Fahy in North Tipperary.
  • We recorded over eighty videos, to end up with the thirty seven that are used in this e-learning resource.
  • Then I finished all the editing in Camtasia.
  • And the host platform for the online school is Zenler

Course can be accessed by clicking HERE


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