Parents and Guardians, Embrace your Power!

Parents and Guardians in Ireland, embrace your role in your children's relationships and sexuality education (RSE).

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Are you following the recent flurry of media articles about RSE in Ireland?

Flourish, a relationships and sexuality education (RSE) programme, has been developed by the Irish Bishops’ Conference for junior infants to sixth class, and it has recently been released and offered for use in Catholic primary schools. For those who don't know much about the Irish education system, this is a relevant point, because about 90% of all national schools as under the patronage of a Roman Catholic ethos.

What does Life Connections have to say about these media articles and comments?

There's a lot being written in Ireland at the moment about schools delivery of the Relationships and Sexuality Education curriculum. Life Connections is not in the school criticism group, because having worked with schools...

I have seen what the majority of teachers, principals, parents associations and boards of management are doing on the ground to educate children in an inclusive, kind, open way about relationships and sexuality education.

The majority of adults who engage in children's education do so, because they are passionate about helping to educate the next generation.

So it's not the schools, it's the state that needs to change?

Yes, there are systemic changes that are needed at a macro systems level.

But schools themselves cannot change these institutional issues overnight.

The new RSE curriculum from the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment’s (NCCA) is on it's way, and that is to be welcomed.

Meanwhile what are you encouraging?

Life Connections encourages parents/guardians to engage themselves in their children's Relationships and Sexuality Education programme. Become empowered to have these conversations at home. Do not wait for the state to change, we all know that is a slow burner.

Child Development is fast! Before you know it your child will have moved on from being ten to sixteen.

So take back the power, get involved, educate your child too, after all you and the family are the no.1 educator and influence anyway, so embrace that!

Our e-learning programme for parents/guardians of 10 to 12 year old children can help you - click here for more information

Picture of waves crashing against rocks in the sea, to symbolise power - the message being to encourage parents to tae back their power and to get involved in their children Relationships and Sexuality RSE education

Blog written by Jenny Fahy


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