What is Holistic Sexuality Education?

A Holistic Relationships and Sexuality Education approach promotes positive human potential

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Black chalk board with white block of text which states Holistic Sexuality Education Approach, which relates to the content of the blog, which talks about a holistic approach to Relationships and Sexuality Education in Ireland, which Life Connections adopts


What is Holistic Sexuality Education?

A Holistic Sexuality Education approach to Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE as it is called in Ireland) for children and teenagers in Irish primary and secondary schools can be defined in the following way:

Learning about the cognitive, emotional, social, interactive and physical aspects of sexuality (Ketting et al. 2016)

Tell me more about this approach....

This is the approach that is taken with all the Life Connections RSE e-learning and in-person workshops with children and teenagers, and their parents, guardians, caregivers and teachers.

All aspects of a person's sociological and psychological developmental processes and stages are taken into account. Indeed this is why this educational approach happens across all the life-cycles of human development.

Is this approach happening across the life cycles?

Yes it is. So we know that for children their parents and guardians or caregivers are their first educators, so from an early age children are watching, listening and learning, absorbing attitudes, beliefs and information that they hear the adults in their lives say about relationships, sex and sexuality, the body, feelings, emotions, communication, boundaries, consent, love etc.

Sexuality education starts early in childhood and progresses through adolescence and adulthood (Ketting et al. 2016)

This process of education across the developmental stages is essential - thinking that it is enough to give a child a book on puberty aged 11, and having one "Talk" with them, will not be enough. This is why a combination of school and home conversations offer the potential for children to be educated fully.

Is this the Life Connections approach to RSE?

Here at Life Connections, Jenny is clear about providing information for children and young people that is unbiased and factual, on all aspects of sexuality. Also equally important, children need support to develop communication and emotional literacy skills to help them to be able to and, at the same time, helps them to be able to act upon this information in an appropriate way.

This Holistic Sexuality approach to Relationships and Sexuality Education aims to:

It gradually equips and empowers children and young people with information, skills, and positive values to understand and enjoy their sexuality, have safe and fulfilling relationships and take responsibility for their own and others sexual needs (Ketting et al. 2016)

Becoming equipped and empowered with knowledge, information, skills and knowing ones one values, means that our children, as they become involved in intimate relationships in their adolescence or young adulthood, will be able to make healthy choices. And if these informed healthy choices can lead them to be in healthy relationships, isn't that what everyone would wish for the next generation? Healthy, happy, safe, fun relationships for all.

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Jenny Fahy

Chalk board with words Holistic Sexuality Education, used to desctibe the content in the blog, which is all about an approach to Relationships and Sexuality Education that Life Connections adopts in its e-learning programmes for children and teens and their parents


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