10 Books Every Parent Should Read

Parents, here is a list of books that will help you & your child talk about the body, relationships, puberty, consent, boundaries, sexuality

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Photo from a library, showing shelves of hundreds of books, depicting the importance of books to support parents when they are finding ways to talk to their children about relationships and sexuality topics


10 Books Every Parent Should Read

Know what I love? Books! Reading books. What else do I love in life? Talking with and supporting parents!

If you love children (and books) then continue reading. This blog shares some of my favourite parenting books to help you connect with your children and to begin conversations with your children about relationships, the body, feelings, consent, boundaries.

I have been an avid book reader for my entire life. In fact, I used to be collected from school each day at the library. Truth told, the library was a bit like a 1980's childminder. Busy working parents in my town collected children there, like an hour or so after the school closed! Ha...funny now to think about it, but it wasn't a bad place to hang out as a child and I would say it instilled in me a love of books, and writing.

Indeed my own book Thriving Together: Nurture your Child towards Healthy Relationships will be published in 2022. I am really excited to bring that into the world in mid-2022, and I hope it will support many parents and guardians and children.

I’m always on the lookout for interesting talk-worthy books for parents. I know how hard it can be to find a good book that you can use to lead in a meaningful conversation with your children. So I decided to publish this list of books which has helped me tremendously in my work and as a parent. I hope they can do the same for you and your child too!

All books above are available from your local book shop, or online from a bookshop that doesn't necessarily begin with A - remember, shopping local keeps money in local communities.

What book would you recommend for parents? If it's not on this list, suggest it and we'll add to our guide.


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