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Transforming the Irish narrative about relationships, the body, boundaries, consent, feelings and communication skills

Life Connections believe that children and teenagers need education and support, so that they can learn to love in healthy ways and how to express themselves clearly, whether they are with friends, in the family, in romantic relationships or in work and team relationships as they grow up.

And because children and teenagers live and learn within families, we equally believe that parents and guardians need support, so that they can continue to have these important conversations in the home or family environment.

Relationship Education skills are life long skills, let's invest in this social-emotional education now, to prepare our children for healthy relationships in adulthood.

Opening healthy conversations during childhood, prepares the way for healthy relationships in adulthood.


Since beginning the delivery of our programmes in April 2019, we have created impact in the lives of families across Ireland. And in 2021 this impact will increase as we begin to offer online Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) courses and programmes for children in Irish primary schools, and online Social Personal Health Education (SPHE) courses for junior and senior cycle students in Irish secondary schools.


Creating impact in the lives of 550 families since the e-learning course THRIVING TOGETHER for Parents & Guardians of 10-12 year old children opened in October 2020.


Creating impact in the lives of 650 teenagers who have participated in the Healthy Relationships Programmes in 2019 to 2021.


Creating impact in the lives of 300 primary school children since our THRIVING TWEENS programme launched in April 2021.
Read more HERE about Social Impact in a primary school in June 2021.



Jenny Fahy

Communication, people and education and training have been central in Jenny's working life these past twenty years. In late 2018 she founded Life Connections, with a vision of creating a society where children, young people and adults can talk about and be in healthy relationships.

Jenny Fahy


Helping children and teens to


Online Courses

for Parents/Guardians

E-learning courses are a great way to learn the skills you need to talk to your children about relationships and sexuality now. From the comfort of your own home, you can navigate your learning at your own pace. There are also live webinars for course participants and the possibility to join an online community.

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Publish date is currently Jan 2022

21st Century parenting requires us to nurture our children's emotional intelligence, so our children will grow into healthy, assertive, articulate, empathic adults.

Relationship education is key to developing this in our children. You as the parent/guardian are central to this education. It is in relationships that we learn so much about being ourselves and being with others.

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Online Mentoring

for Parents/Guardians

Book a 1:1 online parenting mentoring session with Jenny. Together you can create a parenting strategy that will work for your family, moving you more towards open healthy conversations with your child.

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In person workshops for schools and youth training centres

Supporting schools in the delivery of their SPHE & RSE curriculum, we educate and host conversations with young people on the topics of friendships, relationships, intimacy, consent, safety, boundaries, body awareness, feelings, communication skills and critical thinking.

This is preventative work, to enable young people to make healthy supportive choices for themselves as they move forward from the teenage stage to young adulthood.

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What people say

Student – Co. Galway school

“It was very informative and clear.”

TY coordinator, Co. Tipperary, April 2018

“Jenny delivered the programme in a very professional manner, where the students were continuously engaged in activities and dialogue. She had an exceptional rapport with all our students and provided well thought out positive feedback to management in the school”

Staff & School Management – Spring 2019

“It is the comfortable learning space that Jenny creates that ensures the students understanding of a very important topic.”

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